Friday, 18 May 2012

so going through my cupboard..

i didn't realise how much bath stuff i had!!

i've got lush, soap & glory, gok wan, ted baker and fcuk haha think i'll need to be taking daily baths to get through it all.

although i was looking into getting some new face masks for when i'm in the bath, i usually just use the mudd pack from boots but i find it sometimes dries my skin out, and i don't really know what to try next as i don't want to go into spending lots of money and then finding that they are no good for my skin and just break me out even more.

so i have dry, kinda oily sensitive skin basically i'm a walking predicament, can never find something suitable for everything that i suffer from.

wish i had better skin... i mean almost 25 i still have ridiculously bad acne and skin, think i'm destined to be a Cameron Diaz with bad skin for life.

going to take a bath later tonight.
lush bath bomb and soap & glory body wash with moisturiser!
i'll be silky smooth!!


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