Tuesday, 1 May 2012


had a few blah days lately.

my wee brother was rushed into hospital on monday and ive honestly never seen him in such pain i felt helpless and so sorry for him, he's still in and nothing seems to be happening i feel like he's just lyin lifeless on the bed sedated with strong pain relief while they poke and prode him and take copious amounts of blood from him.

it's just hard to sit and watch
and to top it all right off and i had my final uni exam today that i had to go and sit and to be quite honest it was an absolute waste of fucking time i just sat there and starred into space and i could feel the tears welling up in my tears.

it just showed me how fucking insignificant exams are!!! and how people get so fucking worked up over them? naw its an exam its no then end of the world and when it comes to that and my brother he wins always

his life is what is important to me.
not fucking uni and not a fucking exam.


off to my bed to try and get some sleep.

sorry for the moan just needed to get that out as my mum and dad are feeling the worry just as much as me and they don't need my burden!!

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