Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What's in my Bathroom!?

Hey Girlies,

So i have seen lots of people posting about what's in their bathroom/shower's etc, so i thought i'd get in on the act too and show what is in mines too!

So here's a wee look at what i currently have in my bathroom.

The contents of my bathroom change quite regularly but here is what i currently have clogging up my bathroom cupboards!

  • Boots Pink exfoliating gloves - really rough and great for giving your skin the once over and leaves it feeling great and totally clean.
  • Neutrogena Pink grapefruit, daily face wash - been using this for a good while now and i find it works for me so i've stuck with it, plus it smells loooooovely. + wee facial sponge to exfoliate.
  • Gok's Bubble essence - this is just been opened as i used the last of my lush bubble bar.  It smells alright but nothing major, so once its used i wouldn't re-purchase.
  • Gok's warming hand and foot scrub, again this is just new as i run out of my Soap & Glory scrub.  This is actually really good, as soon as you put it on your skin its proper makes it warm, shall review this soon!
  • superdrug's own brand shampoo/conditioner - for normal/fine hair, cherry & pink grapefruit, i picked this up as i found Aussie wasn't working for me any longer and this was on offer and to be honest it's been lovely for £1.50 and it smells just lovely.
  • Aussie 3 minute miracle treatment - this is one of Aussie's wonder products and i still use it once every two weeks to just totally cleanse my hair & i still love this product.
  • Ted Baker body scrub - this is just new as again i had run out of my Soap & Glory body scrub, this one is actually really nice and less harsh than s&g and it smells lovely.
  • Boots deep cleansing Mudd mask - i got this mudd pack as buying the single packs is costly so i just got the pack for £5 and ive used it about 7 times already and there is still a good lot left! :)
  • Soap & Glory clean on me - i love love LOVE! this body wash, ive been on this same bottle for about 4 months and it lasts forever plus it smells devine.
  • Champneys bubble bath - love it smells gorgeous and leaves you skin silky smooth. just Gorgeous.
  • Herbal Essences - split end remedy mask - had this ages keeps my split ends at bay plus keeps my hair tug free!

So that is currently what i have in my Bathroom but like i said the body wash shampoo/conditioner and bubble bath changes pretty regularly.

 p.s here's a wee cheeky gorgeous shot of my face - HAHA Not. (facemask face)


  1. I have the same soap & glory body cleanser, grapefruit facial scrub and aussie conditioner, all amazing products which smell great!!

  2. Love the cherry stuff from Superdrug, such good value but do not buy the mint and teatree is stings the eyes something awful!


  3. In my bathroom, i have the same daily face was, it give freshness on face, i need beauty product for my skin.
    I will definitely try this