Friday, 11 January 2013

Magnetic nail polish / NOTD

Hey Girlies,

So i know that i'm probably well late with this trend on the Blogisphere but well i've never really been a follower of trends so to speak.

So about a week ago i was having a browse around Primark and i came across this magnetic nail polish, and i had seen these floating about months before this from Nails Inc and also by Barry M and they looked really smart but i just thought they were a bit pricey for what is esentially a nail polish with a little wavy line design.

So anyway once i seen this wee number in Primark i thought i'd give it a bash for the sake of £2 i was going to lose that much if it was totally awful.

So this was what it looked like:

The packaging is pretty simple, it just came in a little black box and pretty much said what it done on the box, simple and effective.

The colour itself i really liked, as it was intense metallic grey colour and i found that the magnetic nail colours were only available in like 3 colours and at the time Primark only had this grey one, a navy blue one and a burgundy coloured one, to my surprise i really liked all 3 colours but i have always been a fan of grey and i own some grey nail polishes already so i stuck with what i knew and went for the Grey one.

This is the colour...

So this is the colour up close, and i would say it's like a slate grey colour but it has a really nice metallic sheen shine to it when the light hits it.  It also has like a shimmer through it, The bottle itself is a 7ml bottle which is a good size, and the brush is really good and the colour itself is also really good.  It applies well and isn't runny or streaky or anything and 2 coats and it's totally lovely and perfect.

However the down side, is the magnetic aspect. I found this totally failed, the magent is located on the top of the lid and once you apply the colour it says to hold the magnet over the colour for 15 seconds and it should take the pattern.... but i didn't find that i found it quite annoying and fidly, firstly it looks like it's just sort of went streaky, and also its hard to tell how close to hold the lid and sometimes you end up diggining into the polish which is seriously annoying. So yes although its sold as a magnetic polish it fails completely on that for me. BUT as just a grey metallic nail polish it is utterly gorgeous and ive decided to froget the magnet and use it solely as a nail polish! :)

here's the results. p.s sorry about the scraggy nails i haven't cleaned around where the excess polish went, and also i added a wee splash of colour with a pigmented sparkly MUA polish.

So that is my Nail look for this week!

Have a good Friday Lovelies.


  1. I haven't had any luck with the magnetic polishes I've tried-always a faff and really underwhelming!

    1. yeah exactly, i'm glad i didn't shell out a fortune for it. Nice as nail polish but magnetic wise it's a fail. x

  2. I've just recently tried a magnetic polish and actually really loved it, it's a shame this one didn't work though :(
    Your nails still look gorgeous anyway x

    1. Aww really? Maybe i'll give some other brands a try and see how they go.
      Thank-you :] x

  3. Oh that's a shame the magnet didn't work, but it is a pretty colour! Nails Inc do a magnetic nail polish and considering their prices, it must work! Also 17 at Boots do one too, not sure how well though x

    1. Think i mmight give the other weebrands a go, can't hurt to try it! :) x

  4. Hey, I've nominated you for a liebster award! You can check it out on my blog and then do your post!

  5. pretty colours;)X