Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Avon-Colourtrend Doll Pink Lipstick Review.

Hey Girlies,

So i thought i would finally review this lipstick that i bought about 5 months ago as i finally wore it for the first time on New Years Eve.

It's an Avon Colourtrend lipstick, and the colourtrend is like the more teenager and cheaper range in the Avon, but i like it and i've bought quite a bit of colourtrend before but this was my first lipstick purchase!
It's in the shade Doll Pink which is like a really nice vibrant pink colour, the packaging is really simple but sleak and i like it because it has a little see through transparent section so you can see the colour exactly which is always good, especially if you have a few of the same which i do.

So the basics are:

  • Its from Avon-Colourtrend.
  • Its Doll Pink
  • It cost £1.25 ( Usually £3.75)
  • It's highly pigmented and vibrant
  • Glides on easily.
  • Smooth, moisturising and definitly not drying.
  • Has amazing staying power ( it really does stain)

Here's some photo's of the lipstick.

 As i said the packaging is really sleek and simple! Plain white with just the pink accent of colour with the brand, and the colour is on the bottom of the lipstick, i really like the simplicity of it. 
The colour is really nice and high pigmented too, it goes on really vibrantly and it really doesn't loose it's colour. 

It has really good staying power as i just used a lip brush to line the colour around my lips and then used the lipstick to fill it in, and i only re-applied it twice throughout the whole night and even then it didn't need it i just done it as their was photo op's haha. It does proper stain as well as i still had the colour on my lips the next morning, haha so it definitely gives good colour and for the price its really good!


  1. I've never tried the colourtrend lipsticks, i was unsure if i should but this looks lovely!

    1. they are actually pretty good! especially for the price, defo give them a wee try! :) x

  2. Believe it or not, but I have never tried Avon....sound great though!

    I have an international giveaway on my blog, hope you will enter..

  3. aww it is so lovely, and you are very pretty :)


    1. It is a lovely colour! Aww Thank-you! :) xx