Thursday, 3 January 2013

Birthday/Christmas/New Year

Hey Lovelies!

So this is a pretty mixed post, but i thought since i haven't blogged aboutu each yet, i would just sort of put it all into one large post.

So my birthday fell in November and i became the horrendously old age of 25!!! but since i was snowed under with nightshift at work i had no time to blog so here it is!
I got so many pretty little gifts for my birthday and lots of money and prefume too.
Christmas was next round the corner and again i so sme lovely stuff! to be honest i asked for nothing as nothing had really caught my eye, and i had wanted a pair of JC wedge spike shoes, but then everyone got them and it kinda put me off because the wedge ones were not widely available and i love a wedge so i thought i'd stand out but then Office got them and everyone had themso it put me right off them.

So everything i got was super nice and such a nice wee bonus, so thanks friends & family <3

so here's a swatch of the stuff i got. P.s this isn't eveything some things are put away already and stuff, plus i got quite a bit of money too! Also got lots more sweets too, but i just took a photo of what i had in my room! 

The soap & glory papmer box was a total surprise as mum and ada managed to get their hands on it for me. :)

That was most of my gifts!
I got more jammies, but their in the wash, socks but they are in the wash too, another pair of boots and some hair stuff too.

New Year came and went too so here's a few snaps of new year! Happy New Year.

 hope you all had a lovely christmas & new year! 



  1. Wow, you got a lot of lovely things! I hope you had a lovely Christmas!