Sunday, 14 July 2013

Gel Nails.

Hii Girls,

So over the last 2 months or so i decided i would start to look after my nails, because i've always had not terrible nails but they weren't really that great either so i decided tomake them pretty once and for all!

So acrylic nails areavailable anywhere, but myexperiences of these honestly haven't been that brilliant, they usually leave my nails in quite bad condition for a good month or so after they have been removed so it's not worth the hassel......
Then i came across gel nails! muchos better all be it that tad more expensive but it preserves your nails more and is much more nails friendly so its a no brainer really.

So i got Grey first time and then a sort of burgundy colour second time and im unsure what to get next time?

here's some photos of the nails themselves.

they are really pretty and really shiny when they are done sorry my poor photo skills don't show this off very well.
They don't chip and i worked everyday in a lab with them and they well full proof so yey for that!
they last around 4 weeks then will probably need re-doing.

Thanks for reading!
any ideas on what colour i should get next?

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  1. Love the look of those nails! Nice shapes.

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog