Monday, 22 April 2013


Hey Girls.

So I recently rocked this look on my nails and i thought it was super cute but im a fan of polka dots so here it is....

Firstly These were a wee present and they are Nail Wraps from Primark and they were only like a few quid so not the end of the world...
Basically it's like stickers for your nails and you just find the size that fits and then stick it on and trim the end off, and it can sometimes be used again.
Really easy and quick way to do your nails!

This is how they come.... They were red with little white polka dots on them, really cute

This is the stickers that you put against your nail to find the right size 

once they are on you just cut the excess off and file it down, easy peasy and the results are cute and not messy!

Cheap & Cheerful.



  1. I really like these I purchased a couple of packets a while back and haven't used them yet how long dif you find they lasted.

    Charlotte x

    1. I had them on for about 5 days to a week, but that was me at work and everything as well so they done well! x

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