Thursday, 25 October 2012

Twist & Out - Instant nail polish remover.

Hey Girlies,

I've been seeing the bourjois nail polish remover thing everywhere on the blogisphere, but i usually just use paton's nail polish remover in either the liquid or the pads and i've been using it for years, absolute years and it's still only 69p absolute bargain if you ask me.
But i was up the street a few days back and decided to go a wander around my local Poundland.... and i found this wee beaut.  "Twist & Out" nail polish remover, and the tub is really similar to that of Bourjois, so i thought well for only £1 i'm not losing anything if it's crap and to be honest i did expect it to be absolute nonsense.
However it is not, it's actually really good!

So it looks like this.

It's pretty similar all round to the Bourjois one, it's the same size and does the same thing really.  Inside there is a sponge with a little slit and you push your finger in and twist until all the nail polish is removed, it is literally that simple.  It's genuis why has no-one came up with it sooner.  It saves the mess of using cotton pads etc, and to be honest it doesn't smell horrendous either and youf fingers don't drip or anything once you remove them from the sponge if anything they are dry in an instant.  Once your finished you just pop the lid back down and put it away.  It does work, and it's not at all difficult to use, i'd fefinitely recommend it to anyone, especially good when you are in a hurry.

This is how it worked:

Painted nails. ^

Dip in and twist, one finger at a time. ^

Ta Dah....All polish gone. ^
Defo worth a purchase girls, specially at £1 and especially if you change your nail polish a lot, saves you time, hassel and mess!
Little Gem :)


  1. I did like this dupe to begin with my I've had to chuck mine away because the sponge gave up on me after about 10 uses.

    I prefer the Bourjois one


    1. Aww really? i've not used mines that much, so i'll see how i go. For £1 though not much was to be expected, so the fact it works was a bonus. x

  2. In reply to the above comment, I've found that if you just pour a little nail polish remover onto the sponges every so often, it's as good as new :) xx

    1. Ahhh, good idea, didn't even think of that! See there's always a way to fix a £1 problem! :) xx

  3. Ohh I heard off someone else that this wasn't very good but I may need to try it now that you have said its good.

    Much Love: If you fancy a nosey. xx

  4. I haven't seen those but I must say, I LOVE IT!
    I never bother to use nail polish on my nails because I'm so unbelievably lazy with removing it later when it starts to get cracks :D


  5. Hmmm...interesting. I think I am going to try this one out. I love changing my nail color so I think this could help me make the job easy.