Saturday, 20 October 2012


Hey Girlies!

Selling some items on Ebay, they finish tomorrow, so go have a wee swatch and see if you's fancy anything.

Check it out here
I got some proper good bargain off Ebay in the last few days!

Although...i really don't like the new change of the logo and layout, jeezo why fix it when it's not broke. Leave it be Ebay, i don't like change!! 

anyway go give me some monies for christmas presents!


  1. I don't like the new ebay logo either, the other one was loads better! Ebay has to be my favourite site ever Ive got some great bargains over the years lol. What's the link to the stuff you're selling? xx

    1. Me either, i hate when they change stuff, especially when it was fine as it was! Aww me too, i've had some really lovely stuff from it.
      Oh gosh i didn't even put the link in haha Sorry!
      I'll go fix it but its this one.