Saturday, 20 October 2012


Hey Girlies!!

Thought i'd have a quick catch up with the blogisphere.
Been slightly awol recently, so thought i'd you all a wee update on what was happening.

So anyway what have you's all been up to anything exciting??

I've a had slightly mixed time of it lately.

The end of september was pretty disasterous, my cousin's partner had a sudden cardiac arrest and he didn't make it, it was a total shock, honestly never seen it coming what so ever, so that was my september weekend stuffed, i just lay in my bed for a week and spoke to no one and honestly i just felt lost i honestly don't know how my cousin coped, anyay had to travel down to Manchester for the funeral and it was honestly heartbreaking. But the funeral was lovely, really lovely and i hope she gets on okay and i hope she comes up here soon!!  :)  SO i done the driving to give my dad a break and it was quite an experience, spcially with all the artic lorries, they guys just don't care!

After returning home i kinda stayed home for another week just to get myself together, then it's just been a mish mash of stuff.  Been hanging out with my best friend and helping her with uni work, also been at the job centre as well.

On a totally brighter note i got a job! yey. Debenhams for christams, but honestly i would have taken anything just to get out of the job centre, the place is a joke!

Then i went to see Kevin Bridges with my brother at the SECC Glasgow and he was hilarious, absolutely hilarious, honestly never laughed so much in the space of 2 hours, some of his jokes were just so true like i done the same things at school it was so funny!

Also done some more baking too! Cupcakes & Shortbread haha.

so yeah been a total mixed bag, anyway here's some snaps of my time out from the blogisphere.

Also started my Christmas shopping, almost got my mum's sorted, got her big things anyway, looking forward to my first wage so i can get more in, although i need inspiration, totally don't know what to get for my dad or Kirsty, Dilema!!

Also as a quick note, my best friend Kirsty over at The Style Khalessi, is starting up a bookclub blog so if you like books then check out her book blog (The Bloggers Library)

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