Friday, 27 April 2012


so yeah today i went for my last session of laser hair removal.
oh well OUCH.
it was major sore this time.
it was my 6th session of a block and my underarms are amazing so i think they will be done, but my bikini line is still a bit like a patchwork quilt haha.  so i think i'm going to need more sessions hopefully only 2 or that and hopefully they won't be as sore, so be honest i was going in expecting it to be pretty damn  straightforward but i got a new woman and put the high temp on instead of my usual and proper pressed it into my skin i can honestly say it was bum clenching nippy....thankfully it was only 4 blasts and it was over and i couldn't have been more glad i was counting down the blasts.

but all in all its totally worth it definitely no pain no gain, and plus the fact it was only £100 was an absolute steal!! so the saving itself is proper worth it and once it's all done it's also going to be totally worth it, however i'm pretty sure my toosh is burnt so i'm off to have a cooler bath :)

p.s if you've got any questions about the laser i'll try answer them!! :)

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