Wednesday, 25 April 2012


i'm in two minds on whether or not to go to my uni Graduation.
I know it seems like such a big thing and i probably should go, its just that i've never been big on being in for the attention and showing off to everyone its just not me.  Also the sole reason i don't want to go is my friends have all failed an exam and won't graduate until November but so far i haven't and if i don't fail the ones i'm studying for just now then i'm going to graduate in June and i'll be doing on my lonesome, i know i wouldn't be sitting with them anyway but at least they would have been there and we could have had a chat and got photos taken and stuff but i can't really do that now!!

so i'm undecided on what to do.
plus its going to cost a fair bit of money to get all the graduation stuff sorted and not to sound stingy but i don't have a job and my mum and dad are not in the financial situation to just pay for it so like its money im putting out for a whole 3 hour ceremony in which for a whole 2 minutes i'll walk up and get a certfificate whereas if i don't go i save the money and still get the certificate.

argh. totally duno what to do.


  1. You should check that you arent going to have to pay regardless of whether you go. At my uni you have to pay regardless of whether you are going and you get to chose whether to graduate the now or at a later date. You should look into it. x

  2. nah i need to pay the graduation fee anyway whether i go or not but i can't choose when if i pass my exams then i graduate in june i can't wait until the next one...
    so i don't know what to do.

    i 'd like my pals there :) x

  3. mmm I so get this dilemma! I did a fine arts degree and skipped the grad and have never regretted it. Then I did some post grad studies and went to the graduation- it was actually really special.... but not so special that it would be worth financial strain!

    xo em

    best of luck with yor decision!

    p.s im having a little giveaway party at my place- theres some great stuff up for grabs if you'd like to take a look ;)