Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Having a bit of an off day today.

studying is really not going so well.
just don't have the motivation to want to study today... my exam is still a week away thankfully so hopefully i'll get back on it later today or tomorrow.

my heart is also beating seriously faster than usual, duno if its just me or if it really is going much faster haha.
here's hoping i don't just die.

now decided to watch dispicable me and have some tea toast and hoops :)
best combo.
doesn't matter how many times i see this movie it still gets me in stitches!! :)


  1. Hey,thanks for following ;) Don´t you have that gfc widget??

  2. no problem..
    erm i have no idea what that wudget thing is?
    i'm not really up on the whole blog thing so i'm just starting on the simple things.