Thursday, 26 April 2012

having a wee study break.

so painting my nails, since i'm leaving the house tomorrow ha.
also need to actually brush and straighten my hair.

Tomorrow is my last session of laser hair removal well last of a block of 6 but i'll need to go back for more on my bikini line as i think my underarms will be totes fabulous by tomorrow!!
no more shaving ever amazing.

however not so amazing is fixing down there.. hmmm hope it doesn't get costly or take ages there is always a wee blip in these things i suppose though.

still at £100 i cannot moan so i'm not going to well not much.

after that tomorrow i'll be back home to study and study all weekend!! exam tuesday then on weds i need to go put in a scf form for uni and also register for my graduation and look at graduation stuff to see what im going to do.
need to get friends birthday present organised also and have some lunches, go to te cinema at some point and do a stupid pointless bloody poster.

then the exam result wait is on.
totes failing one at least!

awk well i've always had re-sits not point changing habits of a lifetime is there :)

anyway i'mm off for a cuppa tea and some brain food - cakes :)

p.s people who try to figure out what im up to by snooping away ye go.
wee snitch.

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