Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas fellow Bloggers!!
I hope you have all had such a lovely day and got some lovely gifts!
Can't believe that's it almost all over again for another year, it's been a goodie though.

I got some lovely things, had a nice family day and ate wayyyy tooo much.
But alas, i'm working an 8 hour shift tomorrow so it's an early start for me tomorrow at 9am, and i'll be in bed soon too!

Come 11 days time i will be unemployed and hopefully i'll get back to the blog more and get stuff up and running and that! :)

Also just a wee note, Such sad news about the mother and 2 young boys who were killed today in a car crash and another mother too in a seperate one, absolutely tragic news.
And to the less fortunate and those who suffer heartache at this time of year, and to all the troops in Afghanistan who do an amazing job. Love to all.

Presents gave

And Presents received! :) <3

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