Sunday, 16 December 2012

Argy Bargy

As much as i love love LOVE Christmas, the shopping element is one that is starting to drive me slightly crazy as i get older.

Today for an instance i popped up to my local town centre just to get my mum and dad and brother's christmas cards and also to get one more roll of paper and a few more tags and an envelope .... that was all i was after, and after 2 hours i didn't even have all that but the rage of a bull so i decided to forget it and just come home.

I'm sorry but where has the love gone? I know it's a stressful time of year but there is no need for the agro everyone gives out.

Firstly i was in an argument with a guy over a car parking space to which i was half in and reversing into when he flew round the corner and almost in to me to declare this was his space.... so after an argument about that i told him to get too locked my car and left.  Honest to god that there spelled disaster.

Anyway sorry this is a rant but omg people need to learn some patience and some manners.
Two things that cost absolutely nothing.

Also people with prams, you don't OWN the pavement people have to walk there too, and stop ramming your buggy into my heels. It pisses me off and my new boots don't appreciate it.
Also people who cut in front of your path then STOP or slow right down, just get out my way i was manouvering just fine before you came along.

People who clearly don't know how to queue. Learn as i am going to punch the next person who queue jumps me.

And Manners, where did they go?
I always says please, thanks and excuse me, but these fall on deaf ears in Motherwell, i'm going to adopt everyone else's so called christmas spirit and start arguments and barge into people etc because apparently that's the code these days.

Over and out.

haha sorry jsut trying to make people realise being like this gets you nowhere fast maybe if people had some christmas spirit, and could abide by three simple rules and use their manners, everywhere and everyone might function more smoothly.

I'm over it, internet is my way.

Anyway my cheer is back now i'm home with a cuppa tea in hand.



  1. You're so right! What annoys me most is the people who get out of a shop and just stop dead still in the doorway. Just move!

    1. Oh man i know! It's like can you not have a conversation at the doors or outside instead of the middle of the path!? Argh. x