Monday, 19 November 2012

Organisation is key.

At this time of the year organisation is key for me.  I have quite a few birthdays / Anniversarys / Partys etc that i  need get everything sorted for.
As-well as that Christmas is just around the corner and with working as well, trying to find the time to get everything done is quite trying at times.

So i find organising your time allows you to get everything done without a major stress.
I love lists, i've always been a list fan but especially at this busy time of year they are just the prefectly practical way of getting everything organised.

I have my birthday and christmas lists all wrote out and ticked off as i purchase each item listed on the list.
I find this way you know exactly what you've bought and you don't forget about anything and also you don't re-purchase an item you previously had but had just forgotten about.

Lists, lists, lists that is the secret!!

I started my christmas shopping early november and i went into town with my mum yesterday and finished it all off, So glad i have because the queues in the shops are already horrendous and to be honest i just can't deal with the busyness and the actual cheek of some people who just skip queues and then walk through you as if yo should move it just gets me annoyed so im so glad im done with it all!!!

I just need to buy sweets but i do that just before christmas because the heat in my roomwould melt the sweets haha.

Now i just need to get some more wrapping paper and get everything organised into my piles and get wrapping and tagging and then i know i don't need to worry and i know that i don't have to try and work and shop in my hour breaks.

Organisation has definitely been my key this year.
hope you're all getting on with your christmas shopping <3
only a few weeks to go!!

I love present shopping in general whether its for a birthday or christmas i love just finiding a gift that is just perfect someone... you know what i mean?

I love giving gifts in general :)

Spready to love, it's christmas after all (the coca cola advert is on TV so it's definitely christmas!!)


  1. Wish I was this organised! Though thankfully I don't have many too buy for so fingers crossed I can do it all in one big hit with little stress!

    1. I'm only this organised through experience!
      Can't deal with the hectic'ness of it all at Christmas.
      aww that's not so bad, online shopping is also a blessing haha! xx

  2. Hey I'm running a competition on my blog if you would like to check? xoxo.

  3. Ah I'm a crazy list maker but then I loose them!


  4. interesting! would you like to follow each other? let me know!